Food and Drink Policy at TK Park

          While many libraries prohibit users from consuming food and beverages within their service areas, TK Park, as a vibrant and dynamic learning hub, is committed to fostering a friendly atmosphere conducive to learning with minimal restrictions. Therefore,

          TK Park has established the Food and Drink Policy at TK Park (Version Date: 18/01/2024) as follows:

          1) The Food and Drink Policy at TK Park is designed to align with the appropriate use of space.

          1.1) Zone A, comprising Learning Auditorium and Workshop 1–4, allows for catering for speakers and event participants on scheduled days.

          1.2) Zone B, comprising Open Square and Idea Space, permits users to consume all types of food and beverages (in the case of events or when the space is fully occupied, please use centralwOrld's designated dining area).

          1.3) Zone C, comprising Reading Park, Mind Room, Quiet Room, Music Library and IT Library, allows users to consume packaged food and drinks without the use of utensils, without emitting strong odors, and without causing disturbance to others.

          1.4) Zone D, comprising Kids Room, prohibits the entry of all types of food and beverages. 


          2) Users are responsible for maintaining basic cleanliness before leaving the area.

          3) If users consume food or drinks contrary to the specified policy, our staff or relevant personnel reserve the right to offer guidance or take suitable measures to uphold a friendly atmosphere overall.

          4) TK Park will assess the policy's impact and make adjustments regularly to ensure it aligns seamlessly with the context of the space and meets the users' needs to the fullest extent.