Guidelines in Promoting and
Developing Learning Center Network

TK park wishes to pass on the idea of establishing a “living library” through developing and setting up “living libraries” with other departments across the country to increase opportunities for Thai people to gain access to learning more equally.
The guidelines in promoting and developing learning source network concern:

Physical Guidelines

  • Suggest appropriate sites or locations (in the case of building a new facility).
  • Research and brainstorm with target audience.
  • Advice on space design, layouts, furniture settings and information resources.
  • Advice on installing IT and AV systems.
  • Suggest preparation for budget plans in setting up a learning center.

Books, Media and Content Guidelines

  • Select and create a data base for local contents, types of books and electronic media (in the case of building a new facility).
  • Create prototype location’s local content media (in the case of building a new facility).
  • Provide appropriate book selection guideline for readers.
  • Suggest book lists and appropriate media in the library.
  • Select appropriate books and media for readers of different age groups.
  • Provide TK park’s print and electronic media.

Personnel Development Guidelines

  • Advice on sourcing for the right personnel.
  • Provide trainings on managing a “living library”
  • Provide on the job trainings at TK park Bangkok and at the actual site.

Automatic Library Management Program Guidelines

Install automatic “living library” management program/software and provide trainings so it can be linked to TK Park’s database and its network as followed :

1)The automatic library program is made up of:
  • Administrator System
  • Purchasing
  • Bibliography
  • Journal
  • Cataloging System
  • Membership Service
2)The Membership Program is made up of :
  • Back Office Administration
  • Access Control
  • Membership Registration
  • Cashier & Finance service
  • Workstation Control
  • Print of demand
  • Card management

Activity Guidelines

  • Create an awareness and participation from the locals.
  • Create a principal in organizing reading promotion activities.
  • Support circulating exhibitions.

Public Relations and Expanding the Results Guidelines

  • Present the news of the network’s operations.
  • Promote local network building and its expansion of result.