In-library Borrowing Service Discover, not Just Read.
Equipment Borrowing Service for use at TK Park, 8th floor, CentralWorld. Exclusively for TK Park annual members, borrow devices through the MyTK app for use between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Available Devices
Boox E-reader (Model Note Air 3C) with Stylus 1 set
Boox E-reader (Model Tab mini C) with Stylus 1 set
Boox E-reader (Model Nova Air) 1 set
Boox E-reader (Model Leaf 2) 3 sets
Boox E-reader (Model Poke4 lite) 2 sets
Boox E-reader (Model Poke5 lite) 2 sets
Borrow-Return Regulations
Equipment lending is available within the TK Park Learning Hub, 8th floor, CentralWorld, between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM only.
Borrowers must be current annual members with no outstanding fines.
Members are entitled to borrow one device per card per session.
Each device can be borrowed for up to 3 hours.
Contact the Information Service Counter to borrow or return equipment.
Exchange your national ID card each time as proof of borrowing.
Damage Fee
In case of damage or loss of the borrowed equipment, borrowers must pay a damage fee based on the price as set, plus an additional handling fee of 100 Baht.
Cautions and Recommendations
Read and accept the terms and conditions before each borrow.
Check equipment for proper functionality; notify staff of any issues before leaving the counter.
Return the equipment in the same condition as borrowed; borrowers are responsible for any damage.
Do not modify or alter devices, including installing software or applications.
TK Park is not responsible for any loss of data during or after the use of borrowed equipment.
For Inquiries/Report Issues
LINE: @tkpark
ONYX_Note_-Air_3_C_1000x1000_03.jpg onyx_Leaf-2_1000x1000_02wh.jpg ONYX_Tab_Mini_C_1000x1000_01.jpg
Onyx_boox_Poke-5_1000x1000_01.jpg ONYX_BOOX_Poke4_Light_Black_1000x1000_01.jpg Nova_Air_1000x1000_02.jpg