MyTK connects you to
TK Park whenever and wherever you want.
MyTK is a mobile application that connects its users to TK Park at any time and from any location.
This all-in-one application offers complete services to its users.
Signing up for membership is easy.
Go to Menu. Select Member and then click Sign Up.
Complete the registration form.
To finish the registration process, confirm your identity via email. MyTK is then ready to use.
MyTK What can MyTK do?
Getting into and out of the area
There is no need to flash your membership card. Simply scan the QR Code to enter and exit the TK Park area on the 8th floor of Central World.
Borrow a book
Scan the QR code to borrow a book without a membership card.
Locate a book
Find, reserve, or borrow books quickly and easily on your own.
Provide member information
Check your member information, loan list, book reservation list, borrowing history, expiration date, book refundable deposit, fines, and activity history in real-time.
Financial Services
You can top up your book refundable deposit, pay fines, and check your transaction history by yourself.
Get news and event updates
Follow the new activity schedule. Register to participate in activities, track your progress, and send proof of payment right away.
Receive member benefits
Present your TK Park membership card via MyTK app to receive benefits from participating agencies and merchants.
Learn with the TK Public Online Library
Read and learn for free at the TK Park Online Library.
TK Read: Read, listen, watch and learn new skills with the Thai online library, which contains a collection of e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and online courses from top publishers.
Libby, by Overdrive: Read, watch, listen, and learn from books and online materials on the world's most popular online library databases.
2ebook Library: an e-book collection of Thai books, including literature, documentaries, and learning guides in various fields.
Connect and communicate with users more effectively by notifying them of return book due dates, payment, corporate news, and new activities.