Reading Park
Reading Park
Reading Park The Reading Park and Mediatheque provides services such as assistance with research and exchange of knowledge by means of reading materials and multimedia such as Thai and international books, magazines, e-learning materials, and inventive games.
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Mind Room
Mind Room
The Mind Room is a center for the creation and exchange of ideas among young people interested in learning about and making their contribution to the creative economy, in areas such as architecture, performance arts, fashion design, film production and music.
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Kids Room
Kids Room
Young children can have fun learning in an environment that is suitable for their ages. The room is decorated in a colorful theme with a Reading Pool, a Tree House, and a Reading Ladder. Fun and creative activities are regularly organized in order to promote children’s integrated learning skills and brain-based learning.
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Quiet Room
Quiet Room
The Quiet Room is provided for readers who wish to read or carry out a research in a tranquil environment. Reference books are also provided in this room.
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Music Library
Music Library
The Music Library provides music-related reading materials, iPods, TK Music Library Website, as well as musical instruments for practice and performances. Members can listen to music, sing, play musical instruments, and carry out a research on all genres of music to develop their musical knowledge and skills.
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Learning Auditorium
Learning Auditorium
The Learning Auditorium is a multi-purpose space for various learning activities, i.e. seminars, training workshops, and edutainment activities, such as musical performances, stage plays, and other performing arts.
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IT Library
IT Library
The IT Library is a center for IT learning that is equipped with reading materials and a variety of media including computers and accessories provided to facilitate the development of IT skills.
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Open Square
Open Square
The Open Square is a venue where people of all ages can demonstrate their creative abilities by staging and showing all types of performances, and activities. It is fully equipped with quality sound and lighting facilities.
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Mini Theater
Mini Theater
The Mini Theater is where children and youth learn about the art of film production through the screening and viewing of quality Thai and international movies, short films, animation films, as well as creative productions of young aspiring film makers. Regular discussions and exchange of knowledge with experts from the film industry are also organized.
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IT Workshop
IT Workshop
The IT Workshop provides regular and extensive IT training programs for people of all ages from young children to the elderly. The training programs range from basic computer and internet skills to animation production with an emphasis on practical uses.
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Sound Room
Sound Room
The Sound Room is a digital recording studio with equipment of international standards. It is used for the production of various media, and training activities, such as sound recording, production of audio books for the visually impaired, music practices, and others.
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