Youth Network  

TK Youth

The “TK Jang Kerd” Project is organized with the purpose of building and developing skills for young people in six career paths of Literature, Music, Graphic and Multimedia (Animation), Film, Marketing and Creative Media taught by experts from each field. The project hopes that the participants will bring their experience to develop their own potentials, build networks of knowledge exchange and publish the works created by participating youths who apply the knowledge gained from the project to their careers.
1 TK Animation

TK Animation is an inspiration and also an arena for young people who are fascinated with animation to display their talents and also to understand animation’s techniques so they can develop better works.

2 TK Band

This is the stage for young people with musical interests to try their hands at song writing, playing, performing and producing on the real professional level to increase their bands’ potentials in every way. These music loving youths gather and form a network of young musicians known as the “TK Band”.

3 TK Filmmaker

Learn every step in creating a short film. Understand the film industry’s working processes. And prepare to become one of the entertainment industry’s driving forces in the future.

4 TK Teen

TK Teen is an open-wide stage for young people with interests in television media to learn how to communicate and present their ideas by participating in producing a television program - from coming up with a format for the program, writing the script, and acting.

5 TK Young Writer

TK Young Writer : a stage for young, aspiring writers to learn and develop their skills before entering the real arena.

6 TK Marketer

TK Marketer is a project that grants opportunities for participants to develop, learn and build the right marketing skills that can be applied in the real situation – enabling the participants to understand, gain confidence and become proud of their knowledge and accomplishments that can be used with their future organizations.