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Partner organization: Satun City Municipality

History: “Liveable Satun City, glorifying culture, advancing education, friendly people, prosperous economy, the gate to the  border”. This motto of Satun province reflects how much the province values education. Satun City Municipality prioritizes learning and wants to see the new generation of Satun residents maximize their potential. So the municipality initiated to build a “Living Library” under the collaboration with Thailand Knowledge Park (TK park). The purpose is to improve a learning setting in the local area and generate a visionary generation by supporting education.

The park consists of 7 zones: 1.information counter and meeting point, 2. relaxation zone for reading books and magazines, 3. zone for people with visual impairments featuring books, multimedia and a audiobook recording studio, 4. ‘Kid Station’ where activities for children’s development are held, 5. science and technology in daily life zone, 6. learning library and 7. multimedia room for movie screenings and seminars

Photo : © Facebook@TKparkstun

Basic information

Date of official opening: March 3, 2012

Size: 800 square meters

Address: Satun City Municipality Office, Jessadang Road, Pimai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Satun Province 91000

Opening hours:

        10 am-7 pm on Tuesday-Sunday

        Closed on Monday and national holidays

New membership fee:

  • Age 1-25: 50 baht
  • Age 26-59: 100 baht
  • Age 60 and above: 50 baht

Membership renewal fee:

  • Age 1-25: 50 baht
  • Age 26-59: 100 baht
  • Age 60 and above: 50 baht

Borrowing and Returning: Members can borrow 4 books for 7 days at a time


  • Thai books 300 baht/ item

Overdue fees:

  • Thai books 10 baht/ item/ day
  • In the case of lost or damaged library material, borrowers are liable for charges according to the actual cost of the item.

Phone Number: 074-723-360-1

Facebook : @TKparksatun